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  April 13, 2016 Senator Mario Scavello welcomes the Notre Dame Elementary School Singers from East Stroudsburg to the State Capitol in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

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April Legislative Report with Senator Scavello

April 15, 2016

Senator Scavello sits down and talks with author and Ovian Cancer Survivor Susan Evans and her husband, George.
 [...Read More]

Scavello denounces Wolf’s education cuts

April 11, 2016

Taxpayers in Monroe and Northampton Counties are painfully familiar with the effects of unfair and inequitable state education funding. Unfortunately, despite his promises of “schools that teach,” Governor Wolf has unilaterally decided to continue this trend of underfunding and to ignore the educational needs of our students.[...Read More]

Senate Approves Scavello Bill Boosting Littering Fines

April 6, 2016

Legislation sponsored by Senator Mario Scavello (R-40) to increase fines for littering was approved by the Senate today.[...Read More]

Senate Approves Scavello Bill Defining Three-Wheeled “Autocycles”

March 23, 2016

Legislation sponsored by Senator Mario Scavello (R-40) to establish a legal definition for increasingly popular, three-wheeled “autocycles” was unanimously approved yesterday by the full Senate.[...Read More]