Sen. Scavello, State Reps Hahn, Emrick and Mako Announce Northampton County Grants

Harrisburg – The Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) this week announced approvals of Local Share Account (LSA) grant funds for a number of Northampton County projects. State Senator Mario Scavello (R-Northampton/Monroe) joined State Representatives Marcia Hahn, Joe Emrick and Zach Mako in announcing $981,616 of approved grants in their combined legislative districts.

LSA grants support economic development, job training, community improvement and public interest projects through gaming funds under Act 71 of 2004. These specific grants come from Monroe County, which funds projects in Monroe and its contiguous counties.

Senator Scavello thanked his colleagues for their efforts in joining with him to secure these vital grants for Northampton County communities.

“These grants are an integral part of economic growth for this area,” Scavello said.  “We must continue to invest in infrastructure, economic development and public safety to ensure a high quality of life in our communities and across the Commonwealth.”

Grant recipients include:

  • Bangor Borough – Bangor Storm Sewer Project & Police Equipment
  • Bangor Borough, Northampton County – Food Bank Expansion
  • East Bangor Borough – Shared Police Services
  • Moore Township – Police Vehicle & Computer System Upgrades
  • Plainfield Township – Salt Storage Shed Replacement
  • Roseto Borough – Borough Facility Upgrades
  • Upper Mount Bethel Township – Minsi Lake Park Infrastructure
  • Upper Nazareth Township – Multi-Municipal Paving Equipment
  • Washington Township – Head Wall Trash Rack & Debris Guard Replacement

Additional grant approvals are expected at the next CFA meeting in May.

Contact:          Taylor Munoz (Sen. Scavello) – 570-620-4326