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Budget Hearings
Senator Scavello questions department heads and government officials about the proposed 2015-16 budget.

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House Bill 1192, State Budget 2015-16

June 30, 2015

Senator Scavello speaks in support of House Bill 1192, the state budget for 2015-16.
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Senate Bills 77 and 737 and House Bills 263 and 455

June 12, 2015

Senate Game and Fisheries Committee - June 16, 2015
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Special Edition: June Legislative Report with Senator Scavello

June 12, 2015

Senator Scavello discusses the budget process with Representative Seth Grove.
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June Legislative Report with Senator Scavello

June 2, 2015

Senator Scavello sits down with Rachel Moyer, whose son died of sudden cardiac arrest, and discusses the lifesaving benefits of having an automated external defibrillator, or AEDs, in all schools and other public places.[...Read More]

Scavello Bill Fills Void in Planned Communities Data

May 26, 2015

Senator Mario Scavello (R-40) has introduced legislation, Senate Bill 855, to improve community planning through the inclusion of data on planned communities in county reports.[...Read More]