Syrian Refugee Crisis

Constituents of the 40th Senate District,

Thank you to the many who have contacted me to express concern regarding the Syrian refugee crisis and the potential security threats posed by allowing these refugees into the United States. I agree with your concerns.

As you may know, Governor Wolf has unilaterally agreed to work with the Obama Administration to allow Syrian refugees to settle in Pennsylvania.

While I understand America’s historic role in supporting and providing for the less fortunate, I have significant concern over the vetting procedures (or lack thereof) being employed by the Federal Government. To move so quickly on settling refugees before their backgrounds or “connections” are fully known puts the safety of Pennsylvania Citizens at risk.

As State Senator, I am signing onto a resolution sponsored by Senator Rafferty urging the governor to not accept Syrian refugees at this time until we receive greater clarity about how the Federal Government is vetting these individuals.

The Federal Government has proven woefully inept at securing our own southern border, so any skepticism over its ability to properly administer background checks from citizens of another country with a high level of terrorist activity is certainly warranted.

As of now, our state and federal resources are best devoted to ensuring the safety and well-being of our own citizens. With thousands of homeless veterans and many citizens living in poverty, resolving these issues should be the focus of government activity at every level.

Kind regards,

Mario M. Scavello
State Senator
40th Senatorial District