Senator Scavello Delivers Response to the Governor’s 2016-17 Budget Address


Harrisburg – Senator Scavello today, on behalf of the Senate Republican Caucus, delivered his response to the Governor’s 2016-17 Budget Address.

Scavello emphasized that he and his colleagues have worked tirelessly to compromise with a Governor who has shown an unwillingness to compromise throughout budget negotiations.

“The Governor has doubled down on his failures to provide leadership on accomplishing a bipartisan budget agreement by renewing his calls for even more taxpayer money. As a good friend of mine who represents two rural counties, Rep. Mike Peifer has stated, the Governor needs to understand that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is a very diverse state that includes many rural areas in need of help,” Scavello stated.

“While the calendar may mark the start of a new budget season, we must close out the current budget year and put policy over politics. We encourage the Governor to return to negotiations and revisit his promises from last year of a ‘fresh start’ and being ‘different,’”

Senator Scavello further implored the Governor to work with legislators to deliver a budget that does not hurt families and asked the Governor to look to controlling government spending before going to the taxpayers in crafting a reasonable, responsible spending plan.

Finally, “Leadership is based on your ability to compromise through negotiation and we look forward to the Governor joining us for a better Commonwealth. As for my colleagues and I, we will continue to lead by example.”

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