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  • Join Me at the ATC Trail to Town Family Jamboree Aug. 10 in Wind Gap
  • Monroe County Reassessment Clarification/Information
  • Limiting the Risk of Heat-Related Illness
  • Find a Trail near You
  • Around the 40th District

Join Me at the ATC Trail to Town Family Jamboree Aug. 10 in Wind Gap

Monroe County Reassessment Clarification/Information

Property owners throughout Monroe County received mailed notices last week from the Monroe County Assessment Office containing their final assessed values for their residential and commercial properties. If you received your new assessed value and believe it has been overstated, you have the right to challenge your valuation through a formal appeals process. If you have any questions regarding your assessment, PLEASE give a call to the Monroe County Assessment Office directly to discuss – 570-517-3133.

Property owners have until August 12th to schedule their assessment appeal. Appeal forms for both residential and commercial properties are located at the bottom of the Assessment Office website:

PLEASE NOTE: This is a process that was embarked upon by the county in order to restore equity to county-wide property values, since a reassessment has not been completed in almost 30 years. No state office or official has influence over the reassessment process. The county contracted with Tyler Technologies to complete the reassessment and specific procedures have been set for verifying or challenging your new property assessment.


  1. The County is moving from a 25% assessment value to a valuation based on 100% of the “market value” of your home. This does NOT mean that your taxes will increase fourfold. Rather, this simply means that millage will be calculated and assessed based on the full value of your home, not the old 25% rate. EXAMPLE: A home with a market value of $100,000 in 1989 had an assessed value of $25,000. Under the reassessment, a home with a market value of $100,000 will have an assessed value of $100,000.
  1. It is CRITICAL that you review the assessment information you received for accuracy. The assessed value assigned to your property is NOT your new tax – it is simply a valuation of your property. The assessed value, while based on “market values,” is not the same as the sales price of your property. It’s a valuation that is used for tax purposes.
  1. If you are dissatisfied with your property valuation, you can file a formal appeal with the Monroe County Assessment Office beginning July 1st through August 12th. Formal appeals will be heard by the County Assessment Appeals Board.
  1. The actual tax you owe will not be known until the millage rates are adjusted accordingly after the assessed values are finalized in the fall. The new millage rates will be determined on November 15th. Under the 1989 assessment, property owners have a lower 25% assessment value with a higher millage rate. Under the new reassessment, property owners will have a higher 100% assessment value and the millage will be adjusted downward. A reassessment does not mean that you will automatically pay more taxes. Reassessments are revenue neutral meaning, as values are adjusted, some will go up, some will go down and others will remain the same. The county/school district/municipality cannot use the reassessment to increase taxes.
  1. Your taxes are determined by multiplying your Assessed Value by your Millage Rate. No property owner will know what their taxes will be until the new millage rates are determined. Currently, the priority is to ensure that your new assessed value reflects the market value of your home.
  1. The new assessment values and millage rates will not take effect until the 2020 tax cycle. To check your new property assessment value and to view the data and comparable properties that were used to arrive at your valuation, please click the following link and select “Property Search”:
  1. For more information regarding the reassessment, please visit the Monroe County Reassessment website.

*PLEASE NOTE: This is a county driven process for the purpose of bringing equity to property values and is separate from ongoing efforts toward school property tax elimination/relief. Here is my latest update on the efforts to address the school property tax.

Extreme heat increases the risk of deadly heat stroke, in addition to heat exhaustion, cramps and more. Older adults and the very young are most at risk, but ‘Stay Cool & Stay Hydrated’ is good advice for everyone in extreme heat. You can find tips for avoiding heat-related illness and warning signs here.

You can find information on more than 12,000 miles of PA trails at Explore Pennsylvania Trails. Locate short loop hikes, multi-day options, rail-trails and more. Search by location or use, such as biking, hiking, ATV, cross-country skiing etc.

Around the 40th District

I was honored to recognize Susan Perez at her retirement for her dedicated service to the Pregnancy Resource Center of the Poconos and the many women the center has served throughout the years. Susan’s tireless and committed work has given countless women hope and confidence to embark on the journey of motherhood. Susan – thank you for bettering the lives of many families within our community.

Congratulations to Jeremy Major of Effort, the 40th District’s newest Eagle Scout! I had the pleasure of attending Jeremy’s Court of Honor Ceremony last Saturday, where I presented him with a Senate citation in recognition of his outstanding achievement. Jeremy is a member of Troop 98 and the son of Joseph and Linda Major. For his Eagle Scout project, Jeremy built four picnic tables for Pleasant Valley Middle School and did some landscaping there. Congratulations Jeremy!

Congratulations to Pocono Peak Veterinary Center on the grand opening of their new location on West Main Street in Stroudsburg. Their beautiful new location provides a state of the art facility, ample parking for patients and dedicated areas to keep cars and dogs separate. They also plan to continue programs for puppy socialization and behavioral training. Congratulations on your new location!

On Thursday evening, my office recognized “Herbs to your Success” as they celebrate their 25th year in business. Located on Main Street in the heart of Nazareth, the business provides high-quality spa services. I encourage you to stop by and take advantage of the wide array of products and services available there. Congratulations to Vanessa Sabatine (pictured above) as you celebrate 25 years and I wish you continued success!


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